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Invitation to ask California Insurance questions.

I have not written a post in a couple of months, not because I’m on vacation or ill, but because I haven’t received any questions about insurance from my viewers.

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Understanding CEA California Earthquake

The California Earthquake Authority, better known as the CEA offers a choice of two deductibles, 10% or 15% for residential properties.

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Earthquake Safety

The California Office of Emergency Services offers these tips to help keep you safe and injury-free during an earthquake. In a High-Rise Building: Look for items that could fall, duck under a desk or table, move against an interior wall, and protect your head with your arms.  Do not use elevators. Outdoors: Move to a clear […]

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Hand-Held Cell phone use in California Prohibited

That’s correct using a hand-held cell phone while driving will be prohibited by law in California effective July 1, 2008.   Violators will be fined $20 for the first offence and $50 for each additional offence. The only exceptions made are for 911 emergency calls and truck drivers.

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Car accident with no insurance

Yesterday, I wrote a new auto insurance policy for someone.   I did nothing out of the ordinary as I asked all the same questions I ask everyone when writing a policy.  An insurance agent has to ask the same questions and follow the same procedures when writing insurance policies, this is known as compliance.  My […]

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Can I reinstate my Car policy after it cancels?

My car policy cancelled, can I reinstate it? Well, it depends on the company.  But, most companies will reinstate your car, motorcycle or home policies with a lapse.  Each company has there own guidelines.  You will need to talk to your agent and ask if you qualify for reinstatement.

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California insurance SR-22 Tips

If you have a DUI in California you will have to file a SR-22 with the DMV.  A SR-22 is a certificate of insurance that is required by the DMV in order to keep your license valid.  The time frame is 3 years and if you don’t pay your insurance your license will be suspended again. […]

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California Motorcycle insurance Tips

Spring is coming and you want a motorcycle.  You need a M1 license and insurance.  One of my prior articles discussed getting a license and when to buy motorcycle insurance. When I first started riding a motorcycle I was told there are two kinds of motorcycle riders, one who has been down on their bike and the […]

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California Insurance Car tips

A prospect wanted to start a car insurance policy.  I asked him if he was the registered owner of the vehicle to be insured.  He replied that he was, but that his father is also listed as a co-owner.  I asked him why his father is listed as a co-owner and he told me thats how it […]

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California Motorcycle Insurance Tips

Motorcycle insurance can be expensive.  There are a few ways to make sure your premiums are low and remain low. You need a M1 designation on your license. If you only have a permit, your premium will be higher.  So, the first thing to do is get your motorcycle M1 license.  Don’t try and get […]

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